Thinking of Writing A Book?

Have you been thinking about writing your own book but can’t seem to discipline yourself enough to get it done?

Ever wondered why others have written their books and what their secrets were? It’s not skill. It’s not talent. It’s not an English major. No, it’s mastering the art of habit. That’s it.

You’ve got to decide to write it and than write it. There were very basic habits and things I had to master and apply that became very natural and easy for me to do DAILY. It’s not hard or time consuming at all.

It took me less than a year to write my 400 page memoir and only took a few weeks to get into the daily habit or writing. I literally fell in love with writing within ONE week of doing it everyday for at ‘least’ 20 minutes a day. No less- by applying the 20 minute rule.

Here’s Your Opportunity:

You don’t need to read more blogs on ‘how to write a book’ you just need to act- NOW!

For 10 days I will take you through 1 Habit- a day-each day, a different habit that I personally mastered and that worked for me.

If you’re interested in this challenge, email me at Elizabeth@devainyou.com and you will receive your daily email with ONE habit a day. Please don’t bother to start this if you’re not serious.

Believe and you WILL achieve.

If you want to go even deeper with your book (story) and work with me in my one-to-one coaching sessions on ‘Your Story Qualifies You’ than let’s talk. I will provide specific insights, suggestions, recommendations, and action steps to help you create and execute your ‘writing’ plan:
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All great things come with practice, and writing is no different.

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