Are You Seriously That Scared of Writing?

Writing has brought a ridiculous amount of joy to my work, and it has unleashed my creativity and my abundance. Writing has been nothing short of a blessing from God.

As a child, I dreamt of writing and becoming an author. In grade school I told my grade 8 teacher Mrs. Hayes that she’d see my book in a bookstore- one day. Well, I am still looking for her.

Let me just put it like this, yes I was afraid to write but not because of the actual ‘doing’ of the writing but because of what people would think of my writing and of course the truth of my story (as I wrote a memoir). That fear is something I myself made up in my own head. That fear hides behind lame excuses and it holds your writing gift hostage with lies and foolishness. That fear is killing your writing dreams and you are allowing it. You’re literally giving it wings to fly. Kill that fear.

You’ve been given this vision to write because you CAN do it. It’s a gift from God and whatever God gives you to do, He also gives you the tools to do it with.

These are some of the excuses you are giving yourself:

1. Nobody wants to read what I write. It’s not important or good enough

2. I don’t spell or speak well enough to write

3. I don’t have time to sit down and write

4. English isn’t my first language

5. I want to write but I don’t know what to write about

6. Nobody is going to want to publish my work

7. Self publishing just seems like a lot of work

Here’s the thing, in spite of the fear, you’ve got to keep on writing. Fear is my greatest motivator. You need to start looking at fear as something that’s afraid to see the power inside of you. Stare it right in the eye and challenge it. Challenge yourself.

Fear comes from the ego. The ego does not want you to do anything that can contribute to fulfilling your purpose here on earth.

Remember, we are put here on this earth to connect with oneanother and writing is a way of connecting. So be vulnerable. Be open. If we want connection, we’ve got to be willing to be vulnerable. We’ve got to put ourselves out there in order to truly connect. Trust me, vulnerability makes you a better writer.

If we’re willing to write what we truly believe – the stuff that scares us, than we get to experience true vulnerability and connection with our readers. And I believe that connection will not only make our lives better, but it will contribute to the healing of the world.

So go ahead and write!

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