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It Feels Good… BUT Is It Good?


How do we know what’s really right for us? How can we know the will of God?

I believe this is sometimes the hardest thing to see and believe. Is it really Gods will?

Surely, Isaac would not have purposely disobeyed God, but because he followed his ‘feelings’ without putting them to the test, he did.

We often tell ourselves and even try to convince ourselves, that indeed “this is apart of Gods will for my life…this was God sent.” But if we’re really grounded in the word, we put ‘it…him…her’ to the test before we claim it’s of God.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 states that we should test everything and hold on to what IS good. Remember, things and people will sometimes appear as angels of light. The devil will even whisper ‘feel good’ words to confirm something we want to do, if doing it will get us in trouble and hold us back from what God really wants us to come into.

Truly, I can tell you this, if we make God our primary purpose, He will protect our path. Do I need to repeat that? The moment we step out of order of Gods will, we fall victim to what ‘feels’ good.

Use these questions to test your urges:

  1. Is what you want to do in harmony with your SPIRIT?
  2. Is it right when examined by morality and decency?
  3. Is it providing you with happiness (which is temporary) or joy?
  4. Is God truly opening the door or are you kicking it down?
  5. What purpose does it serve? There’s got to be purpose.

As humans we sadly fall into this pit of doing what we want to do and then saying we felt it was God urging on our actions (I include myself here).

Yes, God does speak to us and promises to lead and guide us, but it’s dangerous to blindly follow every urge / impression one receives.

Have you ever done anything and been very sorry later but had no way to undo what was already done? I know I have, and I don’t think there is a worse feeling in the world for me. I know the trouble that can be caused by following ‘urges’ without examining them wisely. If we’re honest, we have to admit that we create a lot of messes in our lives ourselves. We may blame things or people, but truly much of it is our own fault.

Follow God’s principles and NOT what ‘feels’ good!



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