Forgiveness Is the Doorway to Self Love!

When I was 23 years old a woman (who later became my spiritual mentor) asked me, “Elizabeth what exactly is it that you want?” My boyfriend (at the time) had just died in my arms. So you can imagine the state of mind I was in.

I took  about 20 seconds to answer before I replied, “Roma, I just want to love myself.” She reached out to hold my hand and replied, “Liz, you’ve got to change your thoughts about yourself and your world. Remember, they are only thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.”


It was in that moment that I realized, everything outside of what my mother and father did to me, was a choice I MADE. I became a product of my environment because I chose too.

I accepted my mother and father’s limiting beliefs about me because I chose too. And so it became my truth. This is where my self-hate started. If you believe you are too short, too fat, too skinny, to ugly, unworthy, not smart enough, not cute enough, too poor or incapable of loving yourself, then those beliefs will become true for you.

My parents never once spoke ‘life’ into my life. Their words felt like death. Many days, I’d cry myself to sleep because of the way my mother made me feel as a child.

You see, my mother couldn’t teach me anything about love or self-love because she knew nothing about love. Her mother, my grandmother, also knew nothing about love. If your mother or father did not know how to love themselves, it would have been impossible for them to teach you how to love yourself. They coped as best as they could with the information they had. My only job (all those years) was to let that GO!

You CAN be free to love!

The road to freedom is through the doorway to forgiveness. Forgiveness is the door way to self-love.


When we forgive, love, accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, everything in life flows. Self approval and self acceptance HERE & NOW are the keys to positive changes in every area of our lives.

Remember, your REAL life is IN you, not what’s happening (or happened) around you!




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