Why Vulnerability Is Magical!

One of the best ways to disarm an audience when speaking, is to reveal your own vulnerability. In an instant moment, your audience is relaxed and listening.

Yes, it makes you nervous to be vulnerable whether on or off stage but it creates connection which is why we’re here and why you’d want to speak from any platform. Even if it’s your boss’s office.

Each and every time I’ve gotten up on a stage (2-4 times a week), I feel nervous. I don’t ever want that nervousness to go away because it’s in that moment that I realize how much my story, my truth and words of wisdom is needed in this world and soon enough I’m welcomed by a warm round of applause and a crowd that has been patiently waiting to hear me speak. A crowd that is already somewhat aware of what my message will be and the possibility of it setting them free from ‘one’ thing or another.

As Brene Brown says, “Vulnerability is courage. When you’re speaking with courage, you’re telling your story with your whole heart.”

Vulnerability has never been comfortable for me. But I know that in order to fulfill your purpose here on earth, it’s necessary in order to connect and contribute to the healing of your world and the world around you.

Vulnerability = Authenticity = Freedom = Extraordinary Power = Joy = Purpose = Life


But let’s not get it twisted. Vulnerability is not being foolish. Without boundaries, it’s not healthy and doesn’t lead to genuine connections. The best way to get clear on this, is to examine our intentions. Is your sharing done of service of the purpose on stage or is it a way to work through your own stuff? The former is powerful, the latter damages the confidence people have in us.

When on stage, don’t share parts of yourself that you haven’t worked through yet. A story is only ready to share when you’re healing and growth is not dependent on the audience’s response to it.

In closing, let yourself be seen. Love with your whole hearts with no expectations to be loved back. Live in the moment and believe that right now, you’re enough. Be gentle. Be kind. Be love. BE YOU!




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