How Many Things Are You Working On?

Ok, so I’ve just finished reading ‘The One Thing’ for the third time. I know one thing for sure; I need to read this book every few months. Wow! Such an amazing read- for real.


I think it’s fair to say we all know how over stimulated we are in this digital world. Right? Whether it’s notifications on our phones, click here, click there, download this free eBook, join free webinar…emails going off, the TV is on..whatever it is, we’re over stimulated.

The problem here is that all of those things have played a part in keeping us distracted. Like when my friends send me funny videos back to back and the next thing I know, I’ve killed about forty minutes watching funny videos. Yes I get a good laugh, but the point is! For those of you reading this who work from home, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

What I loved about this book ‘The One Thing’ is the science, the research and the stories behind why focusing on anything is more beneficial than trying to do everything half way.

The book doesn’t lecture you about focusing, rather it guides you into taking the right small action steps towards your goals by time blocking your days, avoiding the distractions so that you can have time to do whatever else you want to do with your time. Like watching funny videos :-)


One of the most valuable things I got from this book is the importance of setting deadlines. Most of us have goals but no deadlines. It’s that ‘some day’ mentality thing. Whether it’s blogging, laundry, paying bills, going to the gym, cutting out sugar…or making those cold calls. But if you don’t write out an actual date as to when you’re going to launch your website or start the gym, you won’t get it done. Period.

So the point of this post is this:

Focus on ONE thing at a time and pick a deadline for completing that task. Trust me, this is a game changer. Post that goal and deadline all over your office, your bathroom mirror, your computer and your dashboard. Stick it in your face so that you cannot run from it.

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