There’s Only ONE Reason Why You’re Not Moving Ahead

“Extraordinary results aren’t built on extraordinary results. They are built on failures too. In fact, it would be accurate to say that we fail our way to success.” – Gary Keller

Failing is apart of the building and learning process. The problem is we allow small thinking to cut our life down to size. But what would happen if you dared yourself to AIM big. THINK big. ACT big..? Well, you’d see how big you could really blow up your life.

Now, the truth is most people have more than ONE business idea with no concrete ACTION plan. These different ideas bombard our brains, sometimes on a daily basis- and days, months and even years go by and still no action has been taken. Sometimes over the years the business idea died a few times and a few more ideas took up space in our head and heart. So now you’re just frustrated and feel like you just don’t have ‘it’ to do it.

If an average of 4,000 thoughts are flying in and out of our heads on any given day, and a change in thought every 14 seconds as an invitation to change directions, than isn’t it rather obvious we’re continually tempted to try to do too much at once? While doing one thing, we’re literally seconds away of thinking of something else to do.

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Look, the pull to take on more than one task at a time isn’t only at the core of how we’re wired, women in particular, but most likely a necessity for survival.

What’s the secret? It’s simple. Focus on ONE thing at a time.  Ha!! But not as simple as it sounds. Because we have no idea how to do that. But productive and successful folk do. Because they know when you’re working on more than one thing or one business at a time, it is impossible to switch your brain on and off from one task to another and do it RIGHT. When you’re doing a few tasks at once, you’re not focused on BOTH activities. One is happening in the foreground and the other is happening in the background.

Ohh and this whole idea about needing a balanced life is a lie. It’s just that- an idea.

Purpose and meaning is what makes a successful life.

Gary Keller puts it this way, “The act of living a FULL life by giving time to what matters is a balancing act. Extraordinary results require focused attention and time. Time on ONE thing means time away from all other things.” So this makes balance impossible my friends.

The Answer:

To achieve extraordinary results, you MUST choose the ONE thing that matters most and give all the time it demands. One Thing.

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What do you want to do? Or what are you currently working on? Is it a speaking career? A YouTube Chanel? Are you writing a book? Do you want to build a coaching business or record an album? Is it all of the above? Well, which one will you choose to focus on first- if that’s the case…? Remember, extraordinary results are directly determined on how narrow you can make your focus. Plus consistency- of course. Build one thing at a time. Great opportunities can come from writing a book. It was the first thing I did. Then I built my website. The I built my speaking business. Created workshops…..and then launched my coaching academy. But it was ONE thing at a time.

So in closing, you’re allowed to do ONE thing at a time to get you closer to your ONE big thing (goal).

Try it. You’ll see!

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