Why We Need To Share Our Story

Why We Need To Share Our Story

Too many of us underestimate the power of sharing our story. From fear of shame, rejection and being looked down upon, we tend to conceal our past experiences, and put on a façade. Sharing your personal story requires a great deal of courage; a quality that all should work towards nurturing.

What we tend to forget is that everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has been through a period of adversity or made a mistake that put them in an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. Human beings are wired with a high capacity for resilience.

Our ability to bounce back after a traumatic event is uncanny. Sure, healing from any emotional trauma will take time. But we eventually heal, learn and grow from it. And that growth changes us into different people.


However, steps towards healing can only be achieved through sharing your story. Keeping it locked away will only build up shame, guilt, and pain. Additionally, you will end up living in bondage that will affect your life negatively, and adversely hamper your progress in life.

That said, there is power in opening up and sharing your story. Not only for you but for other people that are in need of hearing it. Let us take a look at why sharing your story is important.

You Find Strength and Purpose

If we’d be honest with ourselves, most of us are scared to share our stories because we feel exposed. It makes us feel exposed and vulnerable. Yet, the result of sharing our story is very much different. Why? Because it pushes us past our comfort zones.


Sharing your story allows people to see the real you versus the person they think you are, and the person you think you should be. This calls for great courage as well.

Initiates Healing For You and Others

There are countless of people that are in need of healing, or a little nudge towards the right direction. Sharing your story of pain, and struggle will help them identify with you and that story, and heal.

It will help you and others put things in perspective, as well as find meaning in the times of pain.

Your Story Helps Build A Connection With Others

The walls that we tend to put up, in an effort to protect ourselves hinder the growth of numerous relationships. We build these walls, because of the misleading thought that we are different. Deep down, we are all the same. We feel pain and love, we experience loss and face certain fears.

When we share our story, we allow others to see the real you. You create a sense of familiarity and similarity with them and connect on a deeper level. Hence, you make new friends that may add value to your life journey, as well as improve old relationships.

 It Transforms Us

Sharing your story allows broadens your perspective, and allows you to realize the lesson. It also allows you to discover your personality, values, and principles that you hold. Ultimately, we also see the brighter side of thins, and how it changed us for the better.

In conclusion, we all have a story to tell. Locking it away can only affect us negatively. Apart from feeling shame and guilt that can affect our daily activities and relationships, it can cause health problems. Tell your story and start a healing process within ourselves and others. Inspire change in others.

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